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Fill Out the Form Below and Start Earning Commissions On all OdorXit Products that your customers purchase


As an OdorXit user, you know that OdorXit products are by far the ultimate odor removal products period. I'll bet a couple of other things:

    * You'd probably like to earn some extra money
    * You know tons of people that have lots of smelly odors that are driving them crazy at home and at work. The market, and your income potential for selling OdorXit products is virtually limitless. 

Just think for a minute, do you know anybody that:
# Has a house with smells?
# Has mold and mildew problems?
# Has smelly and musky basements?
# Has smelly diaper pails?
# An RV or camper with a toilet?
# Works at a health club?
# Has had gastric bypass surgery
# Has athletes with smelly clothes?
# Has had a flooded basement?
# Has a skunk problem?
# Has cats marking and stinking up the house?
# Has a boat with a toilet?
# Has a car that smells?
# Smokes?

I can almost guarantee that nearly EVERYONE you know has some sort of odor removal product under their kitchen sink or plugged into their walls. You will be helping them with one of their biggest household problems and will suddenly become one of their biggest heroes!

If so, you can easily earn very good extra money selling OdorXit products or just having them use your affiliate link to order products.

Just think about the amount of money spent on advertising for products like FebrezeTM, LysolTM and Glade Plug-Ins! TV commercials and expensive ads in popular magazines are always advertising them. Big companies spend literally millions of dollars because people need odor solutions. You can cash in on this massive market and earn recurring commissions on all of your sales!

It is quite likely that you can be the ONLY ONE in your area carrying the ultimate odor destroying products on the market! That means that as the word gets out, you keep earning more and more money!

A really great thing is that you can make extra money just for sending your friends a copy of the promotional emails that we have already written for you. If you prefer, you can earn more and buy in case quantities and sell them directly from your garage or car. Sure, they might call you to ask about OdorXit and how it works but each call you get is like a ring of cash register!

The amount you earn depends on how much you sell but you can easily earn enough to:

    * Take a nice vacation
    * Buy that new flat-screen TV
    * Buy that new outfit you've had your eye on
    * Get yourself or your child the new iPod
    * Pay for golf lessons
    * Whatever else you have been looking to add to your life! 

It's easy and no hassle for you at all! We give you an affiliate link that identifies you as the lead source for the sale. When someone you refer links to http://www.odorxit.com and buys OdorXit, you earn a commission on that sale and future retail sales to that customer.

You don?t even have to stock or ship any product. No network marketing, parties or meetings. Making money helping other people has never been easier. Just spread the word and use the affiliate link!

Of course, affiliate sign-up is free. You earn commissions on all of your OdorXit product sales.
We pay affiliates on the first business day of the month by check or PayPal.

There are just a couple more details I need to share with you real quick. By signing up and clicking the "Send In My Application" button at the bottom, you are agreeing to the following terms of service -->

#1 - You may not send any unsolicited email (spam) to promote OdorXit products.

#2 - If you promote or sell OdorXit products through email, you're required to use double opt-in with your list. Everything you do must be CAN SPAM compliant.

#3 - Every email you send out must have a remove link that can be easiliy found . They must also have your physical mailing address.

#4 - No safe lists .

#5 - No FFA's (free for all link sites).

#6 - I don't pay commissions on sales to yourself, immediate family, the same household, or the same IP address. In the event of any discrepancy, I reserve the right to withhold commissions until the guarantee period of the purchased product has passed. You can always buy OdorXit products in case quantities at wholesale prices if you want a discount on products for your own use.

Lastly, all commission payments are sent via company check or PayPal on the first business day of the month

Just so you know, we've been in business since 1999 and we consider our reputation and integrity our most important assets. We say this for a couple of reasons. One is so you know you are working with a company that stands behind our products, distributors and affiliates 100% and are here to help you succeed. The other point is to insure that our products are never misrepresented and that our resellers do not make claims or guarantees about OdorXit products that we have not approved in advance. Sign-up below.